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Mercedes GLS W166 Adblue faults... Fault finding and repair.

Mercedes GLS W166 Adblue faults… Fault finding and repair.

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This 2015 GLS 3.0 V6 CDI, came to me with Adblue faults…
On the cluster, a message that the engine would no longer start after 489 miles…
Someone had the Adblue tank refilled, but…
Follow me on this video to find out what was the problem and how to resolve it.

Hope you enjoy the video.
Any questions or comments put them below.
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28 thoughts on “Mercedes GLS W166 Adblue faults… Fault finding and repair.

  1. Today I had a customer saying stop looking for electrical components damaged from water leaking onto back of engine and then onto under tray. Says water does not damage components. Water never gets in to them. When asked whats his knowledge on mechanics he has none. Car is a BMW and all terminal switches correctly only no crank. Glow plugs glow too. I was checking fuses and he says thats a waste of time too. Big oil leak both sides of engine in the 730li and told to ignore that area. When asked if he can change from P to N without engine running he asks why would he want to. LONG SIGH. A moron. Hes a moron.

  2. why didn't you check the reading from the Nox sensors. nox content before scr and nox content after scr. Typically, the nox content after scr is 3 to 5 times lower than before scr (in "ppm ")

  3. i was horrified when i was this vidoe pop up ,ive got one with a nox sensor problem but autologic say it needs a 2 nox sensor the customer wanted me to give the definite asnwer to replace them, i would say yes until he told me they are £800 each , plus autologic say the some of the modules need updates as new nox sensor have been updated , this stuff is getting scary £1600 in parts

  4. The best way to use an euro 6 or 7 diesel disabling both dpf,egr,adblue systems by ecu software mod.catalytic converter is enough to clean exhoust gasses.it's just a car not a lorry,diesel train or vessel.

  5. I grab Xentry immediately when working on Benz. Guess it's a habit . It is a common fault but you were smart enough to figure out what actually happened. Resetting values and adaptations is overlooked many times. Remember how they tricked people with the SBC on the W211? I made it a personal law that I do a forced/passive or active regen and reset with every repair on the exhaust and even before regular maintenance on every car with a DPF. I know that your situation is a bit different than mine but I have a lot of stupid clients. Those who buy a diesel car to drive 20 km's a day and those who have only city traffic. Almost forgot those who fuel up 10 litres at a time. Sorry Luis. I need to learn to write a short comment.

  6. hi louis when i fill ad blue i turn on the ignition so the car can see the level rise i have been told that some cars use ultra sonics to work out the level and if the ign is off and the level fills into the neck of the fill tube the car when switched on do not see the surface of the ad blue and counts down from the pre fill level

  7. Hey Louis,
    I work at a Mercedes dealership in Germany. The fault you have is quite Common. You Just have to reset the warning via the ECM(Star diagnosis). Same fault Happens If you overfill the AdBlue Tank it then goes Into failsafe Mode.
    Great Work as Always.

  8. Its easier to see the metering valve actuation if you put on the graph, its only works in very short pulses, very often the diagnostic tool dont pick that up when looking at the numbers. Also, Ive seen on many (if not all) of the Mercs that the temp sensor in the SCR module drops to zero.
    I think that an other way of clearing the no start message, if its only the fill level of ad blue that has been too low, you can drive the car for at least 30-40 km for it to understand that everything is fine.
    The SCR systems on these will not operate until it has high enaugh temp on both NOx sensors

  9. in certain cars and vans if they run out of adblue then it requires a reset ,i am sure the car tells u to fill with adblue ,when its low ,depends on make and model but hey well done ,i work in hire company fixing these all the time ,

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