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How to clean AdBlue injector (VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda)

How to clean AdBlue injector (VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda)

Video shows how easy it is – to take out AdBlue injector and to give it a good clean.

Here are some useful relevant links:

My other video where I remove and take apart AdBlue tank in order to replace heater element:

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Just a link to eBay page with garage equipment and tools:

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30 thoughts on “How to clean AdBlue injector (VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda)

  1. Top video, Great job, thx
    i have sharan 2013 130kw,i changed the hole ad blue system. after some times driving saying no engine start in 1000km ,the point is when i drive for 200 km and then after some times i start the engine, comes again the same error " no engine start in 1000km",

    any ideal would be appericiated. thank you

  2. Hi mate I change my adblue injector and install another one but I have problem my adblue broken cause the exhaust came off the from exhaust holder and due to this the adblue injector is broken. Do you think i should change the exhaust holder?

  3. P2047/P2049 Hello, I got message of P2047/P2049 Reductant Injection Valve Circuit/Open Bank 1 Unit 1

    , do you think cleaning the adblue injector could help for this problem? I tried to clean the error code, then it can run a couple of days, then error message comes again. And engine error light is on. Thanks!

  4. Brilliant video, thank you!
    By any chance have you measured the resistance of the electrical connections? My injector was pretty clean and it has not had any attention for at least 20,000miles (time I have owned it) so wondering if it is working properly. I have 12.2ohm (after removing meter cable resistance).

  5. Very hot water Steam pressurized steam cleaner is seems to be the absolute best but very hot water in a pump up pressure sprayer works almost as good

  6. Nice video thanks , but did you charge customer, for new injector , and you just cleaned it , cos thats what all garages do . I have started to ask garages I want to watch there work, cos honestly speaking they are all wankers who want to just rip off the public. But I am not saying you do that . Thanks for video much appreciated. Buy the way I am Taxi too lol

  7. Thanks for the video. I've worked on all my own vehicles for many years and saved many thousands of dollars in doing so. I've recently had the check engine light and code P204F and P20BA coming up on my 2017 Ford Everest with the 5 cylinder 3.2 Litre Diesel engine. Only symptom being the check engine light with no noticeable power loss or any other changes. I am pretty certain it will be an AdBlue crystallisation problem somewhere in the system so under the car I go. AdBlue does a remarkable job in lowering the emissions but there will no doubt be many headaches in the years that follow. By the way, your English is better than most of the Australian population so don't be sorry!

  8. Thanks for these videos. I have a Sharan and don't worry about repairs now I've found your channel! The main fault I've had so far was a faulty temperature sensor in the adblue system. Cost me nearly £2 to fix!

  9. I hope everybody realises that this is pointless?? Cleaning what??!! The only part that matters is the pintle. What was cleaned here is irrelevant EXCEPT to make people feel better about wasting time

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